Tips for Better Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyNatural wedding photography is fast becoming the order of the day. This is because catching people in their natural poses when they aren’t looking has a great feel. It makes the resulting image unique and when you blend natural photographs with planned shoots, the results are just heavenly.

Natural photos have a way of telling the story better but you need to be able to draw the line between this and full-blown paparazzi. You don’t need to be sneaky to take natural photos, you still have to permission from your subjects before taking the shots.

I have taken quite a number of natural photos which have turned out great so I decided to share a few tips with you to help with your natural wedding photography. I have stated the tips in the next few paragraphs.

Go everywhere with your camera

Your camera should be your companion, following you everywhere you go. This is the only way to take spontaneous photos. As a photographer, you know there are times when you just get inspired out of the blue. It is always great to capture such moments but how do you achieve that if you left your camera behind? People also get to trust you more to take their photos if they always see you with a camera. This way they can let you take their shots in the most natural manner possible.

Employ a long zoom

The further you are from your subject, the more probable it is to take a natural photograph because then you can catch your subject unawares. They wouldn’t know you are taking the pictures so they just act natural, relaxed enough for the natural photo. The best options for you are a long zoom or a telephoto lens.

No flash

If you are aiming for a natural shot, then you should learn to do away with the flash most of the time. It can be really startling and blinding when the flash of a camera hits a person on the face unawares. It kills the vibe of the picture altogether. If the light is low then increase your ISO setting and use your faster lens.

Take multiple shots

When you take multiple shots of a person, you are bound to catch the person unawares at some point. There will be a couple of shots that would be surprising but beautiful. To achieve this just switch your camera to continuous shooting mode or just press down on the shutter to increase your chances of getting the perfect shot.

Be strategic

Before the wedding day, you might need to visit the venue or just before the time the couple arrives. This will help you think ahead so you can anticipate different situations that could play out. With this tip, you are bound to get some very beautiful images. If you are not strategic you will end up running from pillar to post to get great shots.

Take action photos

Rather than taking pictures of people sitting passively, you should try out taking action photos of people doing things. This way they are focused on what they are doing instead of being too aware of the camera. They are totally distracted and their distraction can help you tell your story better.

Now that you have gotten these tips on natural wedding photography from Boho Chic Weddings, you can implement them to get the best natural photos at your events.

Making the Most of Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyShooting a wedding requires a lot of skill especially if the job is one brought up within short notice and the photographer had no time to do a proper scouting of the locations. When it comes to weddings, the photographer needs to have innate knowledge of how to make use of light. Sometimes, things do not always go as planned and whether you are expecting light in its purest forms or through a different service, the photographer ought to know how to work with it.

Therefore, one skill every photographer ought to learn is how to work with light. Constant interaction with light during shoots leads to a better understanding of how to better work with time constraints or venue limitations.

Lighting Options

In natural wedding photography, one thing you ought to expect is that the primary source of light for the photographer in this case is expected from natural sources. In most cases, this is the sun. However, natural light is not the only option available. Due to certain circumstances, the photographer might opt for artificial light sources. Artificial light sources are often flashes or studio lights among other tools.

If it is not strictly natural photography being utilized, then the photographer will have to make a choice between the two options available. The two light options have their distinctive pros and cons. But, what every photographer should strive to understand is that no unique method exists to light a photograph. Using one method does not ascertain that the results will be the best.

Sometimes, natural sunlight might be the best means to get a technically good quality image. Other times, the lighting gear you have contributes a lot to the final output. However, the choice of lighting gear and light are things that are subjective. What works for you could very well not work well for someone else.

When to Use Either

There is this age old question of when it is ideal to make use of artificial light and when it is ideal to utilize natural light especially when natural wedding photography is the style being made use of.

What if certain situations do not allow for you to make use of natural light e.g. evening periods. Then you have to think of a suitable alternative. The same applies when you as a photographer are not allowed to make use of flash while capturing images. Some officiants are particular about the use of flash during ceremonies. This is an avenue where another option has to be sought.

The making of a good photographer is in their ability to make the most of any opportunity availed. The fact that you are not allowed to make use of your flash does not mean it is impossible to seek another alternative. It is expected that even before you go for a wedding, you already have plans in place on how to achieve your intended shots. These plans also have backups to them so, when you meet one roadblock, you can easily circumvent it with another plan in place.

For more on natural wedding photography, visit Catherine Kerr.

Photography Styles That Work Well With Newborn Baby Photography

newborn baby photographyNewborn baby photography is only growing in popularity. As photographers and their works with newborn babies become more widespread, the originality in these photos greatly increases. However, we can’t forget the most original styles of this photography that became mainstream very quickly.

Out of all of the portraits that have surfaced over time and up to today, there are ultimately two types of newborn baby portraits. It is important to note that though these are not only used for newborn photography, but they work as a main divider between the different types of photography portraits in general.

These portraits can be in any type of color, with any variation of props. The only real difference is the photo’s style, but other than that these portraits can generally contain a lot of the same techniques on the other side of the lens.

  • Posed Portraits

For the posed photo shoot session to take place most easily, the baby will need to be asleep. This could stretch the session to three or four hours long, depending on how well you are able to keep the baby asleep. If the baby wakes up or becomes too fussy, you may find it to be much easier if you just reschedule the photo shoot for another time entirely.

The photographer as well as the clients need to allow enough time to get the baby to sleep, feeding, changing, adjusting and changing poses, adding and/or exchanging props and much more. All of these actions must be done very slowly and quietly, so that the baby doesn’t end up waking up in the middle of everything.

Some photographers will do composites, where the final image is a combination of two or more images. These composites are made so that the baby is not put into any danger whatsoever during these photo shoots. Some of the most popular posed portraits are created from composites or photo shopped.

  • Lifestyle Portraits

This is the second type of baby portraits, not just for newborn baby photography. This one usually takes less time, such as an hour and a half to two hours and doesn’t actually need to be done within the first two weeks of birth.

For the lifestyle photo shoot, there is usually less props and more cuddles. It can involve one or all of the family, and will often also be candid shots depending on how the events of the photo shoot go. These usually take place in the client’s home, and very well could involve using any number of different rooms in their home.

A more journalistic type of approach is taken during the lifestyle session, and some may pose the family for photographs, others will also capture in-between moments, such as during diaper changes, feedings and the extra cuddles.

The moments in between the photos can be just as important as the actual photos. As time passes, the parents will treasure the saved memories that were captured during the shoot as well as in between because they could very well start to forget what the process was even like. Newborn baby photography by Julia and Mia Photography is an example of such.

Why Should a Photographer Surrey have a Website?

photographer SurreyIs it really important to have a photography website? The answer is undoubtedly yes! There are a thousand and one reason why a photographer Surrey should have a website. In this article I will discuss in details why it’s very necessary to have a website.

Reasons why a photographer Surrey needs a website

To Build your Brand:

Creating a website for your photography business is one way to build your brand. Websites gives you full control of your business and how to represent your works and services to potential clients. The good thing about having a website is that it gives you the opportunity to display your images and terms of services for potential clients to view and most importantly how you can be contacted easily.

Websites are like keys for opening doors to potential clients to get familiar with you and your works before they hire you. So it’s a very important thing to make sure you have a good running website to get things done for you without much stress.

Websites make your photography business appear more professional

I’m pretty sure no one would want to do business with one whom they think is not a professional. One good thing a website does to your photography business is that it makes you look serious minded and thus adds that professional touch to your work. So start being a photographer Surrey with a difference.

Websites attracts the right clients

Have you noticed that in every business, a website brings the right set of people to patronize you? This is because apart from giving your business a professional touch, it brings only those that are ready for your kind of photography business. In your website there would definitely be a section for terms of service and potential clients would have probably gone through your terms and would have fully understood how you operate. This would create no room for confusions and the clients that are not meant for you are repelled.

Website increases your chances of being among the top rated in internet search engines

Having a website opens the doorway for more clients to find you through Google search engines and others. You can’t gain more potential clients with your media presence alone, you need to step up your game, remember the photography business is a very competitive one so you need tools to get you to the top. Getting a website is definitely one way to reach the height of being among the top searches of photographers in your area or even beyond. I know this isn’t as easy as it sounds but it requires patience and diligence and trust me, you’d be on the way to the top.

You can Link your Website to your Social Media Accounts

Working with your social media accounts and your website is just the perfect plan. That way you open diverse ways in which clients can get to you and hire you. A website linked to your social media accounts is such a great idea because it brings your clients closer to you because you have more than one channel open for communication.

Having your big day in Surrey next weekend and you want a professional photographer Surrey to cover your event? Well search no further should take care of that.

Why Do You Need Professional Newborn Photography London?

newborn photography LondonEvery baby is a blessing. He is a joy to behold, a ray of sunshine that every parent loves to hold. Celebrate your baby’s birth with a spread of photos by hiring professional Newborn Photography London provider – Stephen has an exceptional eye for detail and would like to please his clients with a memorable and charming photo of your little one. If you are celebrating a new baby girl or boy, trust that as a newborn photographer he will deliver on the aspects of quality and affordability. What you can expect with his services include:

  1. Capture your baby’s photos in different themes

Let’s face it; we can’t keep our kids this loveable forever! And what better way to capture your baby’s photos then use a professional Newborn Photography London service provider. Stephen has fun ideas to dress up your baby in different themes. Just a few baby-friendly themes would be a flower, a mermaid, a beach sunbather, a baby taking off in a balloon, etc. You can also make your own themes and celebrate this big day with Stephen and his team.

  1. Create a fun catalog for you to keep forever

If you can take themed-photos of your baby then why not make this into a catalog or album where you can cherish your memories forever? You can make this a way to document your baby from day one till present. This fun catalog will also be a way to commemorate the special milestones in his growth and development. Take a photo of your baby’s first step, his first crawl, his first day at the park or just a special day out with his parents or siblings. The newborn photographer will help you make very milestone a unique and cherished memory.

  1. Take souvenir shots of your baby to use for his christening or birthday

Your professional newborn photographer will be able to take lovely photos to display on your baby’s special days like his christening or his birthday. You can use these shots on fun souvenirs like picture frames, calendars, magnets and so on. Your photographer will follow your baby’s milestones and special occasions together with you.

  1. Take videos of you and your baby together

Most professional newborn photographer also offers video services aside from taking still shots. Take this as an opportunity to take amazing videos that you can watch for years to come. Include your baby’s siblings, his godparents, grandparents, uncles and aunts for a really awesome souvenir.

  1. Have the best and updated equipment and software for the job

What does this wedding photographer have that most newborn photographers don’t? Stephen prides himself in is his updated photography equipment and software that makes his job truly awesome. You can count on every shot to be memorable and well-detailed because of her use of the most in-demand, updated photography equipment and tools.

Need pictures that stand the test of time and reflect the emotions and fondness you have for your little one, then only this expert will do. After all, your memories should not be treated lightly! Grab the opportunity to get quality images.

Find out how the Newborn Photography London expert can help you with newborn photographs and other professional baby photography needs. Contact him today.

Adelaide Wedding Photographers: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Adelaide wedding photographersEveryone makes mistakes, but it’s no more an excuse when multiple photographers are already making the mistake and you came along doing the same thing. We will be telling you the 5 things you need to absolutely avoid doing. Adelaide wedding photographers will do well to remember this every time they work on wedding photography.

1. Do not wear like you don’t care

You might have attended more weddings than anyone could imagine. It’s not easy to always appear neat and formal every single week and then stand or walk around for hours while you take pictures. Not to mention your dress might not be the most comfortable thing to work in. But, hey, that is the job.

You will not come in jeans and sneakers unless those are the dress code. Buy 2-3 sets of formal clothing to wear when you attend wedding parties and ceremonies as well as comfortable shoes that will help you walk around the hall during the party. You need to show respect to your clients and the guests.

2. Not preparing

After years of doing the same thing, it’s easy to slack on the preparing step because you could hardly miss anything. Which is true as that’s what years of experience do to your brain and body. But, preparation is not something you miss just because you have a little more experience now. You make one mistake and that will be enough to put your clients in bad mood and to spread it to their friends.

No, if you need to spend 2 more hours just to make sure you know where to shoot, what to bring, are your equipment in optimal condition, do so. Professional Adelaide wedding photographers like Panache Photography never work without preparing themselves.

3. Embarrassing your client

Enthusiastic photographers are great, really. In fact, that’s a quality to look for that we recommend to readers who need a professional photographer. But know when you should go all out and when not to. During the holy ceremony of the wedding vow, do you have to hang from the chandelier to get a great shot? Is that crouch really necessary?

Be enthusiastic, but remain respectful to the occasion and the people attending it.

4.   Enjoying your time

We want our photographers to love their job and enjoy taking wedding pictures. But we certainly do not encourage you to spend your time eating or promoting yourself while you work. That is often seen unprofessional, unless someone else asked it from you. Focusing on your current job will make it easier for others to see that you are professional about it.

Dinner is usually prepared by the clients, so enjoy your dinner when it’s time to.

5.   Repeating them

You made those mistakes, but don’t let them get to you. You can change. What you seriously should not do is to repeat them which is pretty obvious because that would just mean that you are clearly heading towards the wrong path on your wedding photography career.

It will only be a matter of time before more people change to different Adelaide wedding photographers as more words about your spread.

5 Signs to Avoid in Hiring an Event Photographer

event photographyHolding an event is not easy. But it’s even harder to find people who are willing to help you with the event as if they have the same motivation as yours. That includes finding an event photographer with the same view as you.

And now, the problem is that you don’t know how you can avoid that kind of photographer. You need to know the signs of a professional or someone you need to avoid at all costs!

1. Money talks?

If the photographer is suggesting that money talks best to decide his performance, don’t rely on that photographer. Depending on your budget, you might actually be pay as much as he wants, but is that the kind of photographer you want? This isn’t a photographer that takes the pictures with the motivation that you want to hold even more events and possibly capture some decent ones for your important guests.

Walk away from the money-oriented workers.

2. Does every kind of job

And then there’s the photographer that takes on every kind of photography work. They won’t stop at just event photography, but also everything else. This photographer is never exceptionally good at any particular one. Because of that, not even us can tell you if the photographer will do well-capturing pictures of your event.

3. Has little experience

This depends on how important is your event. Are you holding a party where important business partners are invited? Then, you’d better hire someone who has decent experience in working in gala-dinners, luxurious, big parties or charity events with high profile people involved. You don’t risk it by hiring someone who’s new to the job!

For example, you can find that kind of professional event photographer at Event Photography. This is where you find a professional in any kind of event, a team who is dedicated to capturing the best pictures of every moment for you.

4. Does not try to know more

Your photographer has to know what the event is about, what kind of pictures you, what the pictures are for, so on and so forth. What would it mean if your photographer only cares being paid for the job and not trying to know how he can do best for the job?

When you meet the photographer, watch his behavior. Is he trying to know more about the event to prepare for it? Is he showing any effort at all? However, on the other hand, you should also remember to keep the line of communication open or your photographer won’t have any other way to show it.

5. Too cheap!

When an event photographer is offering his lowest offer ever, you have to be careful. This is a trap that non-professionals or even fraud cases often involve in. With the sweet trap of paying maybe half or less of what others are offering, you thought that you’ll get the same amount of pictures of the event. How hard could it be to take some pictures?

There are moments when beginners would offer low cost to get clients and it does not necessarily mean that they are not good photographers. But would it worth the risk you take?

All You Need to Know When Focusing on Wedding Photography

wedding photographyThe wedding is at the horizon and you still have a lot of things to decide with wedding photography being at the top of your to- do list. No couple should underestimate the importance of documenting their special day as they might not have the chance to do so again.

Now, with all the planning that will go into ensuring the wedding goes off as planned without a hitch, we decided to help make things easier for you on the aspect of photography. When deciding on the photography provider you should go for, make sure you bear the following things in mind:

#1 What you want

Well, we already know that you want photographers at your wedding to record the events of the day but that is beside the point. When we refer to what you want, we are talking about how many hours would you need the photographer to spend on the day of the wedding? Will you be paying on a per hour basis, based on a package or per number of pictures shot? Do you need planned shots for pre-wedding pictures and on the day of the wedding will you be having a shoot with guests and family members?

All these questions are things you need to find answers to so you do not end up disappointed at the final results. Any good wedding photography provider is bound to bring it up during the consultation but for now, it is highly important that you already come to terms with your requirements. If you are indecisive this could have a bad effect on what you actually end up going for.

#2 Style of photography

In #1 above we talked about what you want and the style of photography is also inclusive. If you don’t know, then now you should avail yourself of the knowledge that there are different types of photographers who offer different styles of photography. Do you have an idea of how you want your wedding pictures to look when it is finally presented to you?

Some of the styles of wedding photography that exist include Fine art wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, reportage wedding photography, and natural wedding photography. So which one would you be going for? The internet is a pretty good research tool for you to take advantage of if you need more knowledge about a certain area. Most photographers also have samples of their work broaching on these different styles.

It is also important to note that sometimes, the type of style you end up going for might also have an effect on the overall cost. There are different sites online that you can use to compare and contrast the services offered by these photographers and if the cost is affordable for you.

#3 How would you like the output?

Are you the type of person that loves flipping album pages or you are more of the digital kind? Whether physical albums or DVDs and USB drives, there are different options to choose from when deciding on the final format of the pictures. Some wedding photography providers like  also offer the option of uploading the pictures to cloud with only the couple or their friends having access to the images.

Wedding Album: You Don’t Want to Regret It

photographer SurreyPlanning for wedding photography is full of choices that bring the dilemma between saving up or spending more for quality. The problem is that when you spend for quality, the amount you have to pay your photographer Surrey can really cost a fortune! On the other hand, some of these things if chosen poorly, won’t last long and you might not look back at them anymore.

Either way, you want a choice that you ultimately will never regret until the day you die. Because the pictures will be given to your future generation as an heirloom and they better be good! That’s why we want to tell you why a wedding album is a right choice.


A wedding album typically has a beautiful cover made of genuine leather or sometimes linen. Most photographers allow you to choose the cover materials, but they are always of the highest quality to ensure durability.

Wedding albums are handmade. Meaning, each paper is slipped in with the precision of a machine, but with the control of professional workers. To ensure that each picture has been printed accurately and that the high-quality material covers the entirety of the album, a human’s eye and observation are the best. To add a bonus, this means no wedding album will look the same as each is customized to your preferences!

The photographer is also involved in designing the content of the album. Each picture is arranged from expanded in two pages, to collaged because each of them is important, and are made to fit in the pages of the album. The pages are fitted into the cover by hand to ensure neatness and consistency.

It’s also the recommended choice by a professional photographer Surrey from You will see a range of choices for wedding albums and details on prices as well as materials and finishing touches. Questions can be asked directly through the available contact information.


The type of paper that can be used depends on the company or provider. Some provide a matte finish that makes the colors vibrant and lively. Others may provide shiny papers that glow as well. You don’t need to be an expert in the paper to know what’s what. The best way to decide what you will like is to have the photographer bring you samples of the paper for you to decide.

What’s really important here is that the paper does not have two printed sides. In a wedding album, each paper is only printed on one side and then stuck together to create a firm page. That is why a wedding album is very thick compared to wedding books and weigh much more. This ensures the ink will not seep into the page behind it and gives you a maximum view of the pictures.

The choice at the end of the day is yours to make, but we really hope that this article can help make the right choice. A wedding album will cost more than wedding books, but it is always the better choice in the long run because your hard-earned wedding pictures from photographer Surrey won’t be wasted just like that!

Is It Time to Get Your Headshots Chicago (Again)?

headshots ChicagoA lot of us think that there is no need to get so many headshot pictures. I believe that there are still people using their 6-year-old headshot picture as their profile picture or for applying for job positions. The idea that you do not look different and, well, unless you get a plastic surgery, you do not need to take one more is common.

But, ladies and gentlemen, it is probably time that you think otherwise about your headshots Chicago.

The consequence

The bad thing about using your old picture is that people will notice. No matter how much you think you have not changed, people who have just seen you will know that this is not a recent picture. How can you tell when you see yourself every day in the mirror?

Some people with a more optimistic thinking will consider you as such a thrifty person (a.k.a. stingy). Others are less appreciative and simply take you as irresponsible and lack seriousness in your job. How hard is it to get a new profile picture for your application?

Time to change

Several factors should be taken into consideration for you when planning for a photography session. They are mainly changes on your face, such as plastic surgery, face surgery, or a major haircut change. As long as you notice that something about your face is different for quite a long period of time, that is time to consider taking a new headshot.

For instance, visit When you scroll down and see the headshots Chicago, that redhaired woman might have caught your attention well. You might be surprised if you meet this woman somewhere on the street and that she has a short, brown hair by then. It is such a time to replace that picture by then.

Changing your headshot picture is a way to show that you want the people looking at you to know the current you. You should not be saving a few hundred dollars and risk the trust of the people that rely on that as the basic information that you gave them.

It is not cheap, we know, but it is definitely cheaper than losing the job you could have gotten.

Professional photographer

Apparently, different photographers will take different pictures. The better photographer will know how to best capture your expressions and if your initial headshot picture was not worked on by a professional, you can take this chance for a better headshot picture.

A professional photographer has better skillsets that many others don’t even possess. A quick example is how you want to smile naturally, but it seems to be impossible when you cannot even feel comfortable with the photographer that you are not familiar with. That ability to create an environment of condition that you can enjoy is something that professional invest their time in.

On your next trip to planning your headshots Chicago, you can find a better photographer now. Check out the portfolios one by one and try talking with them for a while to see how you feel working with them.

4 Don’ts for Wedding Photography Preparation

wedding photographers PortsmouthWe understand that getting the best wedding photographers Portsmouth is important. We also understand that you want the best for your wedding pictures because there’s only one chance to do this right.

That’s why we want to make sure that all our readers who are preparing for their wedding can avoid the 5 things that can destroy their dream wedding pictures.

Think of it lightly

There are couples who think that hiring a photographer that’s not too cheap and has quite the reputation is enough. Apparently, if you are okay with just decent wedding pictures, this isn’t the right way to do it. You might even risk getting pictures that are disappointing for a lifetime.

Different photographers can have a different style of taking pictures. You might love one but not really fond of something that others love. It depends on your preference and also that photographer’s capability to capture things the way you want them to.

Plan later

Never postpone planning. It’s important to start thinking about it now. A photographer is often booked years ahead because their clients don’t want to lose their favorite photographer for the job. To find someone who’s working style suits you can be very hard and you have limited time to do that. In order to not lose yours, you need to plan early.

It’s also due to the face that a lot of other preparations have to take place. In the midst of doing all others, you might not have much time, later on, to talk to candidates, work, prepare for your wedding, send out invitations, and remain sane.

Some wedding photographers Portsmouth, like the one from, is always happy to even help with giving advice on how to decorate your venue. It’s especially important because the pictures will be affected by it.

Prepare too much

There are clients that think they should prepare everything about their wedding photography for their photographer. It may include preparing the things they need to shoot down to the smallest details of things, so all their photographer need to do is to follow that list. It will prove to backfire your original meaning.

A photographer is hired for his skills and experience. It will bear no meaning if you try to dictate even the things he has to shoot when it’s painfully obvious they have to take pictures of the couple, parents and in-laws.

No discussion

A photographer can always prepare better if you can help explain to them your itinerary of the day. They may even have some things to tell you about it. For example, it might not be possible to take group pictures within the given timeframe, so maybe both of you can arrange something to shorten it up or extend the time.

It will also give your photographer a better insight on how you want the wedding to go. It helps them in designing your wedding album later as it’ll tell a better story of how the wedding went.

Wedding photographers Portsmouth can always appreciate it when their clients understand these. You will also definitely benefit when you make sure to not do what we just told you here!

Insurance for Yourself: Why You Need It

female wedding photographerAs you are looking forward to becoming a female wedding photographer, you probably never gave insurance a serious thought. But from here on out, you better give it a real consideration. A lot of photographers have faced problems like losing their camera in the middle of work, breaking things and having to spend thousands of dollars to compensate it, etc.

You cannot avoid misfortunes, but you can at least be ready for it.

Insurance protects you

Insurance’s main role is to protect you, but you need to realize that their protection isn’t just covering damages. Insurance for photography can extend to your property and in various conditions. For example, should a natural disaster happen and you are unable to continue your business because your studio is ruined, the company is willing to pay the price to repair it and even the fee to rent out a new place temporarily.

Your photography gears aren’t cheap either. You must have invested thousands of dollars in them and it takes a single moment to have someone steal your camera and lens. If this happens at a wedding, it’ll be a huge problem as you don’t know who you should ask for a claim form. Not to mention you have to compensate for the pictures you lost.

Many photographers don’t realize that they are not paying that high of a premium if they are to compare it to what they’ve invested. If you want your business to stay out of trouble, insurance is one of the ways.

Clients are more likely to trust you

An example of an insured female wedding photographer is Insurance is a take out that can be shown to others. Telling your customers that you’re insured is also an indication that you’re serious about your work and will not be half-assed about it. Insurance isn’t that cheap, to begin with, so clients would know.

In other occasions, it’s necessary to show your proof of insurance to the venue you’re working for. Venue owners are also wary of the fact that some things are just predictable and it’s better to have an insured photographer working.

Legal issues

When you’re faced with legal issues, such professional indemnity, that can also be covered. Taking out professional indemnity will help you cover the legal fee and even compensation fee when a client decides that your service isn’t good enough.

This also applies to other legal issues. Be it to discuss the injuries caused due to tripping over your bag or the medical fee that you need to cover, your insurance company can cover those. It’s really a matter of putting up a safety net in case you fall.

It’s not that costly

Photographers that never claim anything will receive a discount from their insurance company eventually. You’ll become of the most precious customers for paying without claiming. You’ll still receive the same service despite the reduction in premium.

You won’t lose that much compared to the risk you’re taking if you’re not insured. If you’re still unsure, taking a one-day insurance is more suitable for a female wedding photographer that is still in trial period.

4 Things You Need to Know About Newborn Photography

newborn photographerParents are most eager to have their newborn pictures taken because they are just too precious. Newborn pictures will take a special place in each of us; they are just irresistibly cute! However, before jumping into how the session goes on, what should one know about newborn photography?

We’ll talk about the difference and how to deal with your newborn photographer which are important for first-time parents.

Newborn vs. Baby photography

The newborn is a different session compared to baby photography. To take newborn pictures, you need to really time it right after your delivery. This means you definitely need to find a photographer way before your delivery date. Usually, mothers during their 5th or 6th months of pregnancy have already booked their schedule.

Newborn pictures mostly show sleeping babies or wrapped up a bundle of baby. They won’t show many expressions, but their sleeping face is surely one of a kind. They still look very similar to when they were still in your womb.

Scheduling isn’t easy

To find the right time to get your newborn pictures taken isn’t easy. This is because you cannot trust your due date and we won’t suggest you to. Due dates are only assumptions. It’s a hit or miss, so you can only predict and schedule things for sure after labor.

Your photographer has to be someone with high flexibility. It means based on the due date, there has to be around 5-10 days of range from the predicted date. So, if it misses by a few days, it won’t pose that much of a problem.

That kind of newborn photographer isn’t easy to look, but one of them is We suggest you look for this person first.

There are 2 types of newborn photography

You can choose two types of newborn photography: formal or lifestyle. With formal, you’ll be going to the studio to have the pictures taken. The photographer will provide the props and have the baby positioned in the set.

Lifestyle photography is done at home. Photographer will come over and have baby pictures taken in several rooms. Not much props will be used, but it’ll focus on rooms where the family usually gather together. It’s not limited to indoors only pictures; outdoor is okay as long as it’s not raining, windy, or too hot.

Choosing the formal ones to allow you more freedom of posing the baby. Choosing lifestyle will put you in more comfort as you might be exhausted after the labor. It’ll also have the house as the props, although some photographers would still bring over some props of theirs.

The newborn photography session is typically long!

One of the longest photography session is newborn photography. This is because the baby is sensitive and had to be handled with care. Photographer will have to try pose the baby and see if it’s possible for the baby. If it’s not, the photographer has to move on to the next position.

In between, if the baby is stirred, it’s important to have you, the parents, to feed them or change their diaper if necessary. These things happen and cannot be predicted, that’s why it can get long. Then the newborn photographer will also have to change the settings after it’s finished.

Wedding Photographer Kent: Getting Your First Offer

wedding photographer KentWe assume you already have the determination to become a wedding photographer Kent. We know you’re probably a beginner and have no idea how to begin convince your first client that you are capable and up for the job!

But here’s the thing. Everybody starts like you did. They feel a little confused with how does this marketing work and stuffs. Don’t fret because we’ve got the way and you’ll definitely be swarmed with offers anytime soon!

Get some experience!

If starting on your own is too hard, you can get experience by working as an assistant to other wedding photographers. You can find out the tricks, how wedding photography works and finally how they finally close the deal. There are a lot of things you can learn from looking directly at a professional.

Aside from working for others, you shouldn’t miss the chance of shooting the wedding of a friend or a relative. You can ask for her permission to be a wedding photographer and use her pictures to be featured in your portfolio.

With this, you’re ready to confidently tell your client that you’ve got the experience and you won’t blindly just go through with their wedding!

Show some confidence

The next step is to show that you’re 100% sure about yourself. Your client wants to know that their photographer is at least someone who is confident about their own skill and will do the job well. This is a sort of technique to assure your client that you have the necessary skills for it. Even if you’re not confident, never hesitate in answering questions and shake their hands firmly.

Take a look at this site This wedding photographer Kent is one confident photographer who is able to tell people that she’s a veteran and is confident to deliver a high-quality service to the clients.

Be brave enough to ask questions

Don’t be scared to look like a beginner. Even the most professional ones still ask questions about their job because they don’t want to make stupid mistakes. So, don’t be too hard on yourself and ask those questions anyway.

Of course, you should do your research before going on and asking everything when your client is relying on your photography skills. But things like how many pictures they expect and how many you think you can provide can be discussed.

Be that friendly neighborhood wedding photographer

Clients are usually faced with a lot of deadlines, preparations and stressed as they approach their wedding day. While you might be nervous yourself, it’s always a good impression to also help your clients to calm down.

Showing sympathy and caring attitudes like this can increase your point, although it tends to also increase their expectations in you. When that happens though, the best you can do is to do your best. That’s also what they want to see from you.

Happy clients tend to tell others about the things that their wedding photographer Kent did outside the promised contract. It leaves a lasting impression that makes them want to tell others about it. This is a marketing method you can do. It quickly creates an impression and makes it easy to market your service.