Tips for Better Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyNatural wedding photography is fast becoming the order of the day. This is because catching people in their natural poses when they aren’t looking has a great feel. It makes the resulting image unique and when you blend natural photographs with planned shoots, the results are just heavenly.

Natural photos have a way of telling the story better but you need to be able to draw the line between this and full-blown paparazzi. You don’t need to be sneaky to take natural photos, you still have to permission from your subjects before taking the shots.

I have taken quite a number of natural photos which have turned out great so I decided to share a few tips with you to help with your natural wedding photography. I have stated the tips in the next few paragraphs.

Go everywhere with your camera

Your camera should be your companion, following you everywhere you go. This is the only way to take spontaneous photos. As a photographer, you know there are times when you just get inspired out of the blue. It is always great to capture such moments but how do you achieve that if you left your camera behind? People also get to trust you more to take their photos if they always see you with a camera. This way they can let you take their shots in the most natural manner possible.

Employ a long zoom

The further you are from your subject, the more probable it is to take a natural photograph because then you can catch your subject unawares. They wouldn’t know you are taking the pictures so they just act natural, relaxed enough for the natural photo. The best options for you are a long zoom or a telephoto lens.

No flash

If you are aiming for a natural shot, then you should learn to do away with the flash most of the time. It can be really startling and blinding when the flash of a camera hits a person on the face unawares. It kills the vibe of the picture altogether. If the light is low then increase your ISO setting and use your faster lens.

Take multiple shots

When you take multiple shots of a person, you are bound to catch the person unawares at some point. There will be a couple of shots that would be surprising but beautiful. To achieve this just switch your camera to continuous shooting mode or just press down on the shutter to increase your chances of getting the perfect shot.

Be strategic

Before the wedding day, you might need to visit the venue or just before the time the couple arrives. This will help you think ahead so you can anticipate different situations that could play out. With this tip, you are bound to get some very beautiful images. If you are not strategic you will end up running from pillar to post to get great shots.

Take action photos

Rather than taking pictures of people sitting passively, you should try out taking action photos of people doing things. This way they are focused on what they are doing instead of being too aware of the camera. They are totally distracted and their distraction can help you tell your story better.

Now that you have gotten these tips on natural wedding photography from Boho Chic Weddings, you can implement them to get the best natural photos at your events.