Why Should a Photographer Surrey have a Website?

photographer SurreyIs it really important to have a photography website? The answer is undoubtedly yes! There are a thousand and one reason why a photographer Surrey should have a website. In this article I will discuss in details why it’s very necessary to have a website.

Reasons why a photographer Surrey needs a website

To Build your Brand:

Creating a website for your photography business is one way to build your brand. Websites gives you full control of your business and how to represent your works and services to potential clients. The good thing about having a website is that it gives you the opportunity to display your images and terms of services for potential clients to view and most importantly how you can be contacted easily.

Websites are like keys for opening doors to potential clients to get familiar with you and your works before they hire you. So it’s a very important thing to make sure you have a good running website to get things done for you without much stress.

Websites make your photography business appear more professional

I’m pretty sure no one would want to do business with one whom they think is not a professional. One good thing a website does to your photography business is that it makes you look serious minded and thus adds that professional touch to your work. So start being a photographer Surrey with a difference.

Websites attracts the right clients

Have you noticed that in every business, a website brings the right set of people to patronize you? This is because apart from giving your business a professional touch, it brings only those that are ready for your kind of photography business. In your website there would definitely be a section for terms of service and potential clients would have probably gone through your terms and would have fully understood how you operate. This would create no room for confusions and the clients that are not meant for you are repelled.

Website increases your chances of being among the top rated in internet search engines

Having a website opens the doorway for more clients to find you through Google search engines and others. You can’t gain more potential clients with your media presence alone, you need to step up your game, remember the photography business is a very competitive one so you need tools to get you to the top. Getting a website is definitely one way to reach the height of being among the top searches of photographers in your area or even beyond. I know this isn’t as easy as it sounds but it requires patience and diligence and trust me, you’d be on the way to the top.

You can Link your Website to your Social Media Accounts

Working with your social media accounts and your website is just the perfect plan. That way you open diverse ways in which clients can get to you and hire you. A website linked to your social media accounts is such a great idea because it brings your clients closer to you because you have more than one channel open for communication.

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Startups for Beginners: Wedding Photographer Surrey

wedding photographer SurreyOne of the first steps to take when you have an interest in photography is to purchase a digital camera; this is likely because of its ease of use. Digital cameras all have the same basic operation, all run on batteries that need charging from time to time, all need some sort of memory card inserted, and they all have an on-off switch and a shutter button. The most important part of the digital camera is the user’s manual that comes with each one. Wedding photographers Surrey who are beginners must make it a point of duty to read the manual to so that they will be able to do some basic setup on their camera; learn how to turn on your camera; get comfortable working with the lens and make some shoots.


The simplest way for the wedding photographer Surrey beginner is to plug their camera into their computer if they don’t have a card reader. Every digital camera is packaged with a CD that includes software utilities for the camera. To transfer pictures from your camera to computer, there will be a need to install the CD on your computer. The other item in need is the USB cable that comes with the camera. When a card reader is available, it becomes easier to transfer images to the computer. Card readers are devices that connect to your PC via USB cable. These devices often accept multiple memory card formats, such as Compact Flash, SD Cards, XD Cards and Memory Sticks. The common processes for transferring images from the camera to computer are listed below:

  1. Make sure the computer is turned on.
  2. If transferring directly from the camera then turn the camera off.
  3. Plug the camera or card reader into the computer by inserting the camera end of the USB cable into the digital camera and the computer end of the USB cable into an available USB connection on the computer.
  4. Turn on the digital camera if transferring directly from the camera or plug in a memory card into the card reader.
  5. After a few seconds, the computer should recognize the camera or memory card and there will be a Prompt to choose the next step.
  6. The computer either prompts you to choose the method to copy your images, or the Camera’s software sends out the prompts.
  7. Choose to either copy the images to the default folder on the computer or choose a specific directory to copy these images to. The wedding photographer Surrey beginner should create a folder on the computer where the images can be copied to.

However, the camera’s software may automatically assign a folder name each time images are copied to the computer.

It is a good practice to ensure that the images are not only on the computer, but backed up to a CD or DVD for safe-keeping. If the images are accidentally deleted on the computer or the hard disk fails, the images on CD or DVD will still be safe.