4 Things You Need to Know About Newborn Photography

newborn photographerParents are most eager to have their newborn pictures taken because they are just too precious. Newborn pictures will take a special place in each of us; they are just irresistibly cute! However, before jumping into how the session goes on, what should one know about newborn photography?

We’ll talk about the difference and how to deal with your newborn photographer which are important for first-time parents.

Newborn vs. Baby photography

The newborn is a different session compared to baby photography. To take newborn pictures, you need to really time it right after your delivery. This means you definitely need to find a photographer way before your delivery date. Usually, mothers during their 5th or 6th months of pregnancy have already booked their schedule.

Newborn pictures mostly show sleeping babies or wrapped up a bundle of baby. They won’t show many expressions, but their sleeping face is surely one of a kind. They still look very similar to when they were still in your womb.

Scheduling isn’t easy

To find the right time to get your newborn pictures taken isn’t easy. This is because you cannot trust your due date and we won’t suggest you to. Due dates are only assumptions. It’s a hit or miss, so you can only predict and schedule things for sure after labor.

Your photographer has to be someone with high flexibility. It means based on the due date, there has to be around 5-10 days of range from the predicted date. So, if it misses by a few days, it won’t pose that much of a problem.

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There are 2 types of newborn photography

You can choose two types of newborn photography: formal or lifestyle. With formal, you’ll be going to the studio to have the pictures taken. The photographer will provide the props and have the baby positioned in the set.

Lifestyle photography is done at home. Photographer will come over and have baby pictures taken in several rooms. Not much props will be used, but it’ll focus on rooms where the family usually gather together. It’s not limited to indoors only pictures; outdoor is okay as long as it’s not raining, windy, or too hot.

Choosing the formal ones to allow you more freedom of posing the baby. Choosing lifestyle will put you in more comfort as you might be exhausted after the labor. It’ll also have the house as the props, although some photographers would still bring over some props of theirs.

The newborn photography session is typically long!

One of the longest photography session is newborn photography. This is because the baby is sensitive and had to be handled with care. Photographer will have to try pose the baby and see if it’s possible for the baby. If it’s not, the photographer has to move on to the next position.

In between, if the baby is stirred, it’s important to have you, the parents, to feed them or change their diaper if necessary. These things happen and cannot be predicted, that’s why it can get long. Then the newborn photographer will also have to change the settings after it’s finished.