Photography Styles That Work Well With Newborn Baby Photography

newborn baby photographyNewborn baby photography is only growing in popularity. As photographers and their works with newborn babies become more widespread, the originality in these photos greatly increases. However, we can’t forget the most original styles of this photography that became mainstream very quickly.

Out of all of the portraits that have surfaced over time and up to today, there are ultimately two types of newborn baby portraits. It is important to note that though these are not only used for newborn photography, but they work as a main divider between the different types of photography portraits in general.

These portraits can be in any type of color, with any variation of props. The only real difference is the photo’s style, but other than that these portraits can generally contain a lot of the same techniques on the other side of the lens.

  • Posed Portraits

For the posed photo shoot session to take place most easily, the baby will need to be asleep. This could stretch the session to three or four hours long, depending on how well you are able to keep the baby asleep. If the baby wakes up or becomes too fussy, you may find it to be much easier if you just reschedule the photo shoot for another time entirely.

The photographer as well as the clients need to allow enough time to get the baby to sleep, feeding, changing, adjusting and changing poses, adding and/or exchanging props and much more. All of these actions must be done very slowly and quietly, so that the baby doesn’t end up waking up in the middle of everything.

Some photographers will do composites, where the final image is a combination of two or more images. These composites are made so that the baby is not put into any danger whatsoever during these photo shoots. Some of the most popular posed portraits are created from composites or photo shopped.

  • Lifestyle Portraits

This is the second type of baby portraits, not just for newborn baby photography. This one usually takes less time, such as an hour and a half to two hours and doesn’t actually need to be done within the first two weeks of birth.

For the lifestyle photo shoot, there is usually less props and more cuddles. It can involve one or all of the family, and will often also be candid shots depending on how the events of the photo shoot go. These usually take place in the client’s home, and very well could involve using any number of different rooms in their home.

A more journalistic type of approach is taken during the lifestyle session, and some may pose the family for photographs, others will also capture in-between moments, such as during diaper changes, feedings and the extra cuddles.

The moments in between the photos can be just as important as the actual photos. As time passes, the parents will treasure the saved memories that were captured during the shoot as well as in between because they could very well start to forget what the process was even like. Newborn baby photography by Julia and Mia Photography is an example of such.