Equipment a Wedding Photographer Must Have

Wedding photographer LondonAs a new wedding photographer, it can be quite scary going to the internet and finding out that you do not have as many equipment as you ought to. It is even more frightening when you have your first gig some few days away and you just do not feel up to it in terms of being geared up for the event. If you find yourself in that category, and you have searched online to no avail, then you need not fret anymore as I have got you well covered in that regard. If you intend to be an expert in wedding photography London, then rest assured that this article was made with you in mind. However, before I start with the list of what you do need, it is very interesting to note that quite a number of newbie actually have all they need without knowing it while some just don’t know what exactly it is that they need. Read and enjoy!

Main camera and backup camera

Well, the basis of photography in the first place is having the right equipment to capture the events as they unfold. From the time of the pinhole camera to the present age of high-resolution digital cameras, taking a camera to a wedding is not optional, it is obligatory. That is why great care must be taken to select the right camera with right resolution, length of lens and width of the lens as well. In addition to this, any serious person that intends to become the best in wedding photography London, you ought to know that going along with a spare to the event is a very compulsory thing. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Situations may occur such as you camera getting damaged or something of that nature and it will be very embarrassing for the photo shoot to come to an end simply on the basis of the lack of a spare.

Medium zoom lens

There are certain zooms that are better suited for certain events, for instance, I personally make use of an f2.8m medium lens due to the fact that it is better suited for wedding photographs. This focal length offers you a tight and wide angle to things. Also, the wide aperture affords you the opportunity to be flexible in spaces that may not have enough lighting.

Batteries and memory card

In my few years taking photographs of weddings I have had a few occasions where my battery simply ran out of the memory got filled with no space to take in more photos. This is why I always counsel up and coming photographers to have a backup of everything they can think of, batteries and memory cards included. In most weddings, I tend to shoot up to 60 gigs of photographs with up to two sets of battery exhausted. Therefore, ensure also to get your batteries fully charged for the event.

Speed lights

If you really want to become great in wedding photography London, you may want to consider going along with this. They have often turned out to be life savers for me. You must always have it at the back of your mind that you are not guaranteed proper lightning.