Indian Wedding Photography – Experience is a Major Determinant for Success

Indian wedding photographyThere are few events in life that have the capability of measuring up to uniqueness and arsenal of special memories provided by the wedding day. This is due to the fact that the occurrence of a wedding for most individuals is once in a lifetime and not many activities or events can boast of that. Yes weddings take place on a regular basis but the main participants differ.

Individuals all over the world celebrate weddings in different styles and on the basis of diverse customs and the Indian wedding is one of them. Indians are very particular when it comes to their traditions and beliefs and this is very well reflected in the pride they take in showcasing their customs during their weddings. This is apparent from the first day the wedding preparations start as a lot of detail is paid to decoration and planning. This reason is enough for Indian couples when planning a traditional wedding to seek for Indian wedding photography services that can put in the same amount of dedication that went into the planning of the wedding.

There are three things that need to be evident in your photographer before contracting his or her Indian wedding photography services and they all revolve around “experience”.

Experience shooting a Sangeet ceremony

Your photographer would be able to capture pictures of the sangeet ceremony if he or she is able to relate to the customs made use of. The type of songs played, the way the relatives laugh and the way the children play through the night is all a part of the fun of an Indian wedding. The photographer should be able to capture those special delicate moments that need not be posed for while remaining invisible. The Sangeet ceremony is one that brings out the raw emotions of the family and friends and the only way you can get good pictures is if your photographer is familiar with the activities of the ceremony and has had prior experience covering them.

Experience shooting a Mehendi party

This is usually an event held for the application of intricate henna designs on the hands of the bride and it may take a while to dry. Hennas hold a lot of meaning for Indian weddings as custom requires the groom to find his name in the intricate design on his bride’s hand. The right photographer would be able to capture the beauty of the preceding activities leading to the henna design and also document the relations between friends and family as it is ongoing.

Experience shooting the actual wedding

No more planning as this is the actual event unfolding. Everyone knows their place already and so should the photographer. As the ceremony functions smoothly, so should the photographer. As the wedding couple, you need not have to worry about if the proper shots are being taken if adequate Indian wedding photography contractors were sought.

From the above, it is easy to deduce that the best photographer for an Indian wedding is somebody who has experience or knowledge of Indian customs. If you are still curious about other aspects of indian photography, try out