Is It Time to Get Your Headshots Chicago (Again)?

headshots ChicagoA lot of us think that there is no need to get so many headshot pictures. I believe that there are still people using their 6-year-old headshot picture as their profile picture or for applying for job positions. The idea that you do not look different and, well, unless you get a plastic surgery, you do not need to take one more is common.

But, ladies and gentlemen, it is probably time that you think otherwise about your headshots Chicago.

The consequence

The bad thing about using your old picture is that people will notice. No matter how much you think you have not changed, people who have just seen you will know that this is not a recent picture. How can you tell when you see yourself every day in the mirror?

Some people with a more optimistic thinking will consider you as such a thrifty person (a.k.a. stingy). Others are less appreciative and simply take you as irresponsible and lack seriousness in your job. How hard is it to get a new profile picture for your application?

Time to change

Several factors should be taken into consideration for you when planning for a photography session. They are mainly changes on your face, such as plastic surgery, face surgery, or a major haircut change. As long as you notice that something about your face is different for quite a long period of time, that is time to consider taking a new headshot.

For instance, visit When you scroll down and see the headshots Chicago, that redhaired woman might have caught your attention well. You might be surprised if you meet this woman somewhere on the street and that she has a short, brown hair by then. It is such a time to replace that picture by then.

Changing your headshot picture is a way to show that you want the people looking at you to know the current you. You should not be saving a few hundred dollars and risk the trust of the people that rely on that as the basic information that you gave them.

It is not cheap, we know, but it is definitely cheaper than losing the job you could have gotten.

Professional photographer

Apparently, different photographers will take different pictures. The better photographer will know how to best capture your expressions and if your initial headshot picture was not worked on by a professional, you can take this chance for a better headshot picture.

A professional photographer has better skillsets that many others don’t even possess. A quick example is how you want to smile naturally, but it seems to be impossible when you cannot even feel comfortable with the photographer that you are not familiar with. That ability to create an environment of condition that you can enjoy is something that professional invest their time in.

On your next trip to planning your headshots Chicago, you can find a better photographer now. Check out the portfolios one by one and try talking with them for a while to see how you feel working with them.