Wedding Photography: What We Can Learn from Others

wedding photographers hampshireThis time, let’s look at what we can learn from a live example. We’ll be featuring Moore and Moore Photography today.

The Site


The previously mentioned wedding photographers Hampshire has a functional site that is updated from time to time. The layout is very simple and easy to read. Using a simple white background definitely strikes the resemblance to that of a white wedding dress, indicating that this is a site on wedding photography. Although they offer family portraits as well, they make it clear that they mainly work as wedding photographers Hampshire.


Very easy to navigate around. A list of options is available, allowing visitors to go through the various pages and contents Moore and Moore provides.


Content-wise, it is very complete. Everything is there. Whatever you need to know about the photographer is stated clearly on the site. You can read through testimonials, go through previous works they had, get to know about the photographers and even buy gift certificates.

They include complete information on pricing for the various packages and services they provide. They also allow visitors to contact them shall they have additional services they want to add. Following that are the portfolios and blogs of previous clients they worked with. They put up several pictures they had taken. They also provided links to their social media account to get connected easier.

The work

Moore and Moore are made up of a pair of photographers who have been married for several years themselves. This is one of their strength; having been married themselves give them the upper side of understanding what their clients are going through.

They also have the upper hand when dealing with a respective client, especially during the dress-up session. The bride is always more comfortable with female photographers and this is where Helen Moore comes into the frame. While Tony can do groom’s dress-up session at the same time.

These wedding photographers Hampshire also made it clear that they don’t want you to miss those precious pictures with your grandparents, parents, and siblings! There are times when your mother is just so emotional that everybody forgot about snapping several pictures of your dads!

It is also interesting to know that they list the complete list of the vendors their clients use. This provides viewers with more insight on the vendors they can use and also attract them to get to know and explore the site more. Finally, visitors are expected to drop them a line or mail for a follow-up.

From their portfolios, it can be clearly seen that they have a relaxed style. The colors, emotion, tone, and place where they have the pictures taken are consistent; meaning that clients can expect how their wedding album will look like.

They are also featured in famous sites and even listed as Regional Finalist in 2018. It’s a great thing to show on your photography site to show that you are different and better from several others who weren’t listed.


The little things we can learn here can hopefully be informative to others in developing an effective and attractive site as well as realizing your weaknesses and strengths to cover them up.