5 Signs to Avoid in Hiring an Event Photographer

event photographyHolding an event is not easy. But it’s even harder to find people who are willing to help you with the event as if they have the same motivation as yours. That includes finding an event photographer with the same view as you.

And now, the problem is that you don’t know how you can avoid that kind of photographer. You need to know the signs of a professional or someone you need to avoid at all costs!

1. Money talks?

If the photographer is suggesting that money talks best to decide his performance, don’t rely on that photographer. Depending on your budget, you might actually be pay as much as he wants, but is that the kind of photographer you want? This isn’t a photographer that takes the pictures with the motivation that you want to hold even more events and possibly capture some decent ones for your important guests.

Walk away from the money-oriented workers.

2. Does every kind of job

And then there’s the photographer that takes on every kind of photography work. They won’t stop at just event photography, but also everything else. This photographer is never exceptionally good at any particular one. Because of that, not even us can tell you if the photographer will do well-capturing pictures of your event.

3. Has little experience

This depends on how important is your event. Are you holding a party where important business partners are invited? Then, you’d better hire someone who has decent experience in working in gala-dinners, luxurious, big parties or charity events with high profile people involved. You don’t risk it by hiring someone who’s new to the job!

For example, you can find that kind of professional event photographer at SmartPicsUK.com Event Photography. This is where you find a professional in any kind of event, a team who is dedicated to capturing the best pictures of every moment for you.

4. Does not try to know more

Your photographer has to know what the event is about, what kind of pictures you, what the pictures are for, so on and so forth. What would it mean if your photographer only cares being paid for the job and not trying to know how he can do best for the job?

When you meet the photographer, watch his behavior. Is he trying to know more about the event to prepare for it? Is he showing any effort at all? However, on the other hand, you should also remember to keep the line of communication open or your photographer won’t have any other way to show it.

5. Too cheap!

When an event photographer is offering his lowest offer ever, you have to be careful. This is a trap that non-professionals or even fraud cases often involve in. With the sweet trap of paying maybe half or less of what others are offering, you thought that you’ll get the same amount of pictures of the event. How hard could it be to take some pictures?

There are moments when beginners would offer low cost to get clients and it does not necessarily mean that they are not good photographers. But would it worth the risk you take?