Insurance for Yourself: Why You Need It

female wedding photographerAs you are looking forward to becoming a female wedding photographer, you probably never gave insurance a serious thought. But from here on out, you better give it a real consideration. A lot of photographers have faced problems like losing their camera in the middle of work, breaking things and having to spend thousands of dollars to compensate it, etc.

You cannot avoid misfortunes, but you can at least be ready for it.

Insurance protects you

Insurance’s main role is to protect you, but you need to realize that their protection isn’t just covering damages. Insurance for photography can extend to your property and in various conditions. For example, should a natural disaster happen and you are unable to continue your business because your studio is ruined, the company is willing to pay the price to repair it and even the fee to rent out a new place temporarily.

Your photography gears aren’t cheap either. You must have invested thousands of dollars in them and it takes a single moment to have someone steal your camera and lens. If this happens at a wedding, it’ll be a huge problem as you don’t know who you should ask for a claim form. Not to mention you have to compensate for the pictures you lost.

Many photographers don’t realize that they are not paying that high of a premium if they are to compare it to what they’ve invested. If you want your business to stay out of trouble, insurance is one of the ways.

Clients are more likely to trust you

An example of an insured female wedding photographer is Insurance is a take out that can be shown to others. Telling your customers that you’re insured is also an indication that you’re serious about your work and will not be half-assed about it. Insurance isn’t that cheap, to begin with, so clients would know.

In other occasions, it’s necessary to show your proof of insurance to the venue you’re working for. Venue owners are also wary of the fact that some things are just predictable and it’s better to have an insured photographer working.

Legal issues

When you’re faced with legal issues, such professional indemnity, that can also be covered. Taking out professional indemnity will help you cover the legal fee and even compensation fee when a client decides that your service isn’t good enough.

This also applies to other legal issues. Be it to discuss the injuries caused due to tripping over your bag or the medical fee that you need to cover, your insurance company can cover those. It’s really a matter of putting up a safety net in case you fall.

It’s not that costly

Photographers that never claim anything will receive a discount from their insurance company eventually. You’ll become of the most precious customers for paying without claiming. You’ll still receive the same service despite the reduction in premium.

You won’t lose that much compared to the risk you’re taking if you’re not insured. If you’re still unsure, taking a one-day insurance is more suitable for a female wedding photographer that is still in trial period.