Adelaide Wedding Photographers: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Adelaide wedding photographersEveryone makes mistakes, but it’s no more an excuse when multiple photographers are already making the mistake and you came along doing the same thing. We will be telling you the 5 things you need to absolutely avoid doing. Adelaide wedding photographers will do well to remember this every time they work on wedding photography.

1. Do not wear like you don’t care

You might have attended more weddings than anyone could imagine. It’s not easy to always appear neat and formal every single week and then stand or walk around for hours while you take pictures. Not to mention your dress might not be the most comfortable thing to work in. But, hey, that is the job.

You will not come in jeans and sneakers unless those are the dress code. Buy 2-3 sets of formal clothing to wear when you attend wedding parties and ceremonies as well as comfortable shoes that will help you walk around the hall during the party. You need to show respect to your clients and the guests.

2. Not preparing

After years of doing the same thing, it’s easy to slack on the preparing step because you could hardly miss anything. Which is true as that’s what years of experience do to your brain and body. But, preparation is not something you miss just because you have a little more experience now. You make one mistake and that will be enough to put your clients in bad mood and to spread it to their friends.

No, if you need to spend 2 more hours just to make sure you know where to shoot, what to bring, are your equipment in optimal condition, do so. Professional Adelaide wedding photographers like Panache Photography never work without preparing themselves.

3. Embarrassing your client

Enthusiastic photographers are great, really. In fact, that’s a quality to look for that we recommend to readers who need a professional photographer. But know when you should go all out and when not to. During the holy ceremony of the wedding vow, do you have to hang from the chandelier to get a great shot? Is that crouch really necessary?

Be enthusiastic, but remain respectful to the occasion and the people attending it.

4.   Enjoying your time

We want our photographers to love their job and enjoy taking wedding pictures. But we certainly do not encourage you to spend your time eating or promoting yourself while you work. That is often seen unprofessional, unless someone else asked it from you. Focusing on your current job will make it easier for others to see that you are professional about it.

Dinner is usually prepared by the clients, so enjoy your dinner when it’s time to.

5.   Repeating them

You made those mistakes, but don’t let them get to you. You can change. What you seriously should not do is to repeat them which is pretty obvious because that would just mean that you are clearly heading towards the wrong path on your wedding photography career.

It will only be a matter of time before more people change to different Adelaide wedding photographers as more words about your spread.